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Walstroom Moerdijk

14 May

Stroom- en watervoorzieningen voor schepen in de haven van Moerdijk Read more

Uitbreiding dienstverlening Walstroom

2 May

Nieuwe website en systemen bij Walstroom Read more

Walstroom in Hoorn

4 April

Nieuwe walstroom en watervoorzieningen in Hoorn Read more

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Latest news

How does Walstroom work?

Step 1: Register

Register with Walstroom, select the location where you would like to use Walstroom and download the app. You are all set.

Step 2: Start

A Walstroom point can be an electricity socket, water tap, or docking area. These Walstroom points have a unique four-digit number. Use this number to activate your Walstroom point.

Step 3: Stop

You can stop the relevant Walstroom point at any time. An invoice will automatically be sent to your email address at the beginning of the following month.

Choose a service

Select in the app which service you want to use, select a Walstroom point and start the service.




Simple and quick

All Walstroom services can be started using the Walstroom app on your smart phone.

After you have logged in on the app, the app will automatically determine your location or you can choose the location yourself. You can then select and start the Walstroom point. You can also see your current deliveries or history.

Walstroom services can also be activated using the Walstroom website on your computer or tablet. Please login at the top of the page.

Download the app below:


Always nearby

Walstroom is currently available with electricity, water and stay at more than 50 locations. In the coming years, Walstroom can be found in many cities and ports throughout Europe as honest and transparant payment system.

Click on 'Locations' below to find out where you can find Walstroom today.


About Walstroom

Walstroom makes life easy for you. You activate your stay, electricity and water at the port yourself, without having to go to the harbour master. No cards, no coins, no tokens, no deposit. Walstroom works 24 hours a day.

Always via your mobile phone, smartphone, computer or tablet.

About us

Also interested in offering Walstroom?

Walstroom offers port companies, municipality, and operators the opportunity to provide an easy and professional way to pay for electricity, water, and stay.

If you are interested in offering Walstroom, click the button below for more information.

About us
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