What is Walstroom?

Walstroom for ships

Over 2.500 inland vessels make use of electricity connection points connected to Walstroom's nationwide system. In addition, many locations throughout Europe provide connection points for river cruises, which are also connected to this very system. The Walstroom service is available in Dutch, English, German, and French.

Walstroom makes diesel generators redundant. Participating ports purchase green power, meaning no more harmful emissions. Walstroom eliminates noise from these generators for both the user and his surroundings. Last but not least: Walstroom is a cheaper alternative to diesel.

The Walstroom service works using reliable, remotely readable electricity meters. Using a wireless connection, Walstroom connection points can be turned on and off remotely by the skipper. The transaction will be automatically registered and invoiced on behalf of the applicable port.

In addition to electricity, the Walstroom service also provides tapwater and stay, which can be turned on and off on-demand with the same ease and simplicity.

Walstroom is very user friendly; no hassle with coins or cards: connection points van be controlled using a phone (0900-1492), the Walstroom app (available for Android and iOS), or this website.

Walstroom includes:

  • stayment for stay / mooring charges
  • management of electricity and water supply
  • complete transaction history
  • reports, administration, and invoicing.

Are you interested as an administrator? Please contact us via the contact form or call us on +31 (0)85 201 27 81.

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